Weather, Basic Packing List, & Travel Insurance

In September, Cape Town experiences the onset of spring, characterised by moderate temperatures. Daytime-highs generally range from 60 to 70°F (15 to 21°C), while nighttime temperatures can dip to 50°F (10°C). 

September also marks the start of the flower season, adding vibrant colours to the natural landscape. Overall, the first month of Spring in South Africa offers a relatively mild and pleasant climate, ideal for outdoor activities and exploration.

Basic Packing List

Here’s a basic packing list for your upcoming 5-night Cape Town experience:

Suggested Attire

Here’s some tips for your daily attire comfort:

As you’ll be engaged in various activities, opt for cozy activewear and walking shoes. Also, carry a lightweight windbreaker or sweater for added comfort.

May 17th:   Casual wear for lodge dinner
May 18th:   Easy-wear for outdoor dinner
May 19th:   Smart-casual for winelands dinner
May 20th:  Dressy casual for city culinary experience
May 21st:    Elegant to semi-formal wear for gala dinner

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is strongly advised for anyone planning a visit to Cape Town, as unexpected events such as illness, injury, flight cancellations, or lost luggage can happen at any time. Having travel insurance ensures that you are financially protected against unforeseen circumstances, allowing you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

While not compulsory to have insurance when travelling to South Africa, we require all delegates on The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience to have adequate travel insurance for the duration of the visit.