Itinerary Highlights

Travel from Prague to Cape Town with us on the Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience. Take a look at our 5 night & 6 day itinerary highlights, showcasing the BEST that the city has to offer.

The Ultimate Safari Travel Itinerary Highlights

Aquila Safari

Day 1 & 2

Elephant standing next to a game drive vehicle at Aquila Safari, included in the travel itinerary highlights.

During a two-night stay at Aquila Private Game Reserve, delegates on “The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience” will experience guided safaris that offer chances to observe the Big 5.

These safaris will be complemented by informative conservation talks to deepen delegates’ understanding of Aquila’s conservation efforts. Complementing the wildlife exploration, culinary experiences will feature authentic South African cuisine. Whether it’s traditional braais (barbecues) or locally-sourced gourmet meals, the culinary offerings are designed to satiate both palate and soul.

Providing a unique wellness experience, luxurious spa sessions will also be available, offering a selection of unique treatments. Activities such as quad bike rides across the rugged Karoo landscape or horseback excursions that offer a different vantage point for wildlife spotting – will add a layer of adventure to the stay.

Finally, the itinerary also includes a brief visit to Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve, broadening delegates’ exposure to the Aquila Collection offering just outside of Cape Town.

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Day 3

Upon departing the Karoo region, delegates will transition to the picturesque town of Franschhoek, renowned for its rich history and world-class vineyards. 

Delegates of the fam trip will stay at Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa for a one-night introductory stay. Nestled in the heart of one of South Africa’s most iconic wine regions, this hotel combines elegant design with exceptional service, creating an ambiance of sophistication and tranquility.

The property offers an array of amenities designed to pamper and entertain. In addition to the hotel’s offerings, delegates will experience some of Franschhoek’s local attractions. 

Whether it’s a visit to a nearby vineyard for wine tasting or exploring the town’s unique shops and galleries, the experience is crafted to provide a comprehensive introduction to this charming locale.

The stay at Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa will provide a balanced blend of relaxation and exploration.

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Hotel Sky

Day 4 & 5


Following excursions in the Karoo and Franschhoek, delegates of “The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience” will proceed to the vibrant Mother City, Cape Town, for a stay at Hotel Sky. 

The hotel serves as an ideal base for exploring the myriad of attractions the city has to offer while guest rooms offer commanding views of the city, providing a visual connection to Cape Town’s diverse urban landscape.

The city itinerary is designed to encapsulate the full Cape Town experience. Notable highlights include an excursion to the iconic Table Mountain with panoramic views of the city, ocean and surrounding countryside. 

Culinary experiences focus on local flavours, featuring a range of dining venues that offer delicious Cape Town cuisine: the gastronomic journey aims to be as diverse as the city itself.

Time is also allotted for leisurely strolls along the V&A Waterfront, a bustling hub of activity with its range of shops and restaurants.

The stay at Hotel Sky aims to provide delegates with a comprehensive and comfortable Cape Town experience, bringing together the city’s unique blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity and modern sophistication.

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Day 6

Time to Say Goodbye

On the final day of “The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience,” delegates will start their morning with a leisurely breakfast at Hotel Sky. Served in a setting that allows for captivating final views of Cape Town’s iconic landscape, the breakfast offers an opportunity for reflection on the enriching journey.

The return journey to Prague will stop in Dubai, onboard Emirates. Known for its exceptional service and state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment, Emirates offers a fitting conclusion to this fam trip.

As the plane ascends over Cape Town, marking the end of this comprehensive Mother City safari experience, delegates can look forward to a relaxing journey back home with a layover in Dubai before the final stretch to Prague.

The last day is designed to be a smooth transition from the rich experiences in Cape Town back to everyday life, ensuring that delegates return home not just with memories, but also with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity that South Africa has to offer.

Bon voyage!

The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience